CEO Max Limper explains creating standards for a 3D marketplace for Develop3D


A 3D Marketplace online has moved further to the fore as a holiday season under lockdown has shown the greater need to accelerate technology and standards. Here Max Limper explains how the Khronos Group is aiming to set standards for content creators to create web optimised 3D models.

In late October, a consortium made up of more than 70 technology and retail companies released a set of guidelines that will power a revolution in the use of 3D content.

These pivotally important rules were set out by the Khronos 3D Commerce Working Group, which was set up on the premise that 3D is poised to become ‘pervasive in retail’.

Companies including Adobe, Google, Autodesk, IKEA, LG, Microsoft, Samsung and Wayfair are part of this endeavour, setting aside competition in order to build industry consensus on what standardisation activities are most urgently required for ubiquitous 3D marketplace for Commerce.

From this extraordinary collaboration, the Khronos Asset Creation Guidelines were born.

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