Co-founder Felix Limper discusses the JPEG of 3D for CGSociety


Building a ‘JPEG for 3D’: The new standard that will power a 3D revolution.

Back in 1992, the Joint Photographic Experts Group established a photographic standard which gave its name to a famous type of image file: the JPEG. Today, the JPEG is the most popular digital picture format in the world and billions of these files are published or transmitted online every day.

Now another committee is working to establish a standard which could have a similarly transformative effect.  The Khronos Group has been working on the standardisation of a format called the glTF (Graphics Library Transmission Format) which is radically altering the way 3D content is presented online. The glTF format has been introduced in 2016 and has been referred to as ‘JPEG of 3D’ repeatedly ever since.

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