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90 MB

900.000 polygons
9 texture atlases
7 draw calls


1.5 MB

100.000 polygons
1 texture atlas
1 draw call

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"This is by far and above the best mesh optimization tool & library I’ve laid my hands on.[...] If you have needs in this space you must evaluate this solution." Pär Winzell
"We've been using RapidCompact over a year now. It‘s allowing us to do things which were once impossible." Albert Ortig
“Many industries are waking up to the need to provide high-quality 3D images of their products. But the assets used on consumer-facing websites need to be significantly smaller than the original raw 3D data – which is where RapidCompact comes in. It’s smart, it’s fast and it’s a one-click solution, making the optimization process super-easy.” Sascha Rybarczyk

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